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Camera movement working! Profiling

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All right, with a new eye today I got the camera movement working. And I've finally got a java profiler. So after I did some profiling I was pretty shocked on what came up as far as the most objects and cpu times. Before the profiling every image created a new Rectangle object for bounds every draw. I didn't do this on purpose, and quickly saw why it happened, but I would have never caught it without profiling.

When looking at cpu usage I also found more interesting results. I would have thought that the rendering method was taking the most cpu, but I found out that it wasn't. Instead finding the in order to draw the graphic. On more examination of the code I found out that I should instead include two int values inside of the Tile object instead of calculating it every frame for every object drawn.

So anyway, profiling is rather informative!
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Neat, what profiler did you use? There's one built-in to the JVM right? Was it hard to set up?

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