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Mistake Number One

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Writing a single blog/journal/whathaveyou and participating in the community around it takes a lot of my precious time. So much so, I occasionally don't update it for months, thus shaming me into spending 90 minutes composing a really good update.

Welcome, hapless journal readers, to my second blog/journal/whatever! I hope to chronicle what goes wrong when I try things- say for instance, doing all of my calls to SDL in a thread outside of my program's real main loop (Mistake Zero for the purposes of this journal?).

Remember- success is boring, and teaches us little.
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God damnit! Always beat to it...

Ussual intro:

Welcome to Journal Land. Rate++ all the way, man. Maybe if you're chill enough, you'll get to roll with my crew. Ha ha haaa... just kidding... but no, really.

If you want your journal to be popular, here are the three keys...

Post lots of pictars. Nobody wants to read your stuff w1th0ut teh p1kt4rZ!

Post alot about whatever project you're involved with. Try to give people insight as to the details of what you are doing while using as little code as possible. Remember, this is a journal, not a tutorial.

It's alright to get personal, and even be liberal about talking about the many details of your life. I know I do. But remember, nobody wants to sit back and load 20 pictures of you and your sister's boyfriend with dreadlocks pretending to eat a cat and trying to pass the dude off as yourself (little nudge, you know who you are... kidding, you're my main man) in dire hopes that you'll write a few sentances about your game project.

Anyhow, a sincere welcome, and have a great time!


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All my personal rantings belong on my livejournal account. There they will stay, unless its something like "OMG I just realized I am a metrosexual space hooker from Vega and Timothy Leery's ghost just told me that if I tell all of you, we get to go party with Gene Roddenbery and the cast of the original Star Trek Pilot for our entire afterlife! Radical! By the way, I married Clippy!". Trust me, if something personal appears here, it will be a bit groundshaking.

A gamedev journal should be... a game development journal. Or at least a journal covering things most of the community here seems interested in (Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Voldemort's Dead Mum vs. etc.).

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