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Mind-bit rot?

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Well I've witnessed all too often the phenomenon of bit-rot, where programs that work perfectly well suddenly develop strange and quite often impossible bugs, without being modified, simply because you haven't looked at them in ages. It's a real pain in the ass.

I seem to also be experiencing Mind-bit rot, to coin a phrase. I'm doing some last touching up on my demo for MOGLGP, getting it into the basecode etc, and getting it all set up and ready. It's rather odd that for some reason I seem much less able to do any coding after a period away. I haven't coded anything in a couple of months and I'm finding it difficult to get back into the way of things, whereas if I'm coding all the time then I'd probably have had this done last night.

Hopefully this will mean I can finally start coding on all the zillions of projects I've started and never finished. I did have an RPG I did ages ago that I really liked - the scripting in it was fantastic. I still have some screenies up actually:

The editor will probably need to be rewritten, and probably most of the RPG too. If I remember correctly it is extremely convoluted and just generally a mess.

On the other hand I could really use some small demos/games actually completed, given my lack of recent stuff that I've made and finished. Maybe I should start writing simple games like tetris, breakout, etc. Hmm that's a good idea, write a library of all these games in one.. maybe something to connect between them, a little bit of a continuation like a series of connected mini-games..

I Love coding :)
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I remember seeing these screenshots a few months back, and felt they were really cool. I would like to produce a version of CSRPG that looks kind of like this, with scripting support.

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the scripting part was really fun actually, although it could really do with an overhaul because the whole thing is really messy.

If I do start coding on it I'll probably post notes/demos here in my journal.

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