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Yes, yes, new entry. Feeling good, feeling pretty good. Quick personal note: I took the PSATs this morning. Easy f*cking test. The proctor was silently singing "This is your liiivveees" under her breath as she passed out the test. Made the rest of my day.

So it's refreshingly early in the day. Right now I'm at an interesting and somewhat unfulfilling about the stage of developement I'm on now. As you might all be aware, my game is divided into stages of developement where I have my prototype building (done), thirst three levels (and boss) (done), second three levels and boss, third three levels and boss, and final tweaking, menus, and post-production phase. That's five. I've just started phase three, which should be really short and quick, as should be stage four. Stage five will be a pain in the ass.

So I begin this phase of developement with designing the levels. After I design a level, I make a place-holder art, add to the engine whatever new features I incorperate in the level, insert it all into the engine, run it, and tweak it so that it's how I want. So I've started designing level 4, The Sewers.

I have two new elements for this level. The first is little dripping green dots that fall from cracked pipes. Simple, they're little dropping versions of my bullet class. Second is a small area where if you fall into it, you die. Also simple, I just use the same code from falling into the pits of my Factory level.

So anyhow, I'll now introduce the boss for this set of levels. After coming out of the Sewer Level, you go through a Subway Station level, and then a Police HQ level where you meet this guy:

His name is ADLR-23

Sorry for the image size. Anyhow, he's going to demolish you. He's a robotic police cheif. Programmed to be righteous in a city of corruption and all that bullsh*t. Anyhow, Bruckner did a top notch job, and I'll have his action-shot in a few days. It's one of my favorite works of his thus-far. So his fight-routine will be a monster to program.

Hey, I talked to Laz yesterday on AOL IM. That was pretty shwe. It's good to get aquainted with other developers. I added a few others to my buddy list. Who knows if I'll be in touch with them.

Well, anyhow, off to do level design. I'll upload a picture of my design graphs all laid out on a big table or floor one of these days. You'd be amazed how many hundreds of hours I'll have invested in these things by the end of this project.

More later.

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All the standardized tests are pretty easy… for us smart people [cool]. And here's some advise: It might be worthwhile if you were to also take the ACT along with your SAT next year, different colleges/universities look at different tests…

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I've got to take the SAT this coming April (or May... not sure right now which one it is).

I do practice exercises here on occasion. How does the difficulty of the actual test rank relative to these practice questions since you've actually taken it?

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I just took the PSATs too, but my school is doing this block scheduling thing, so I haven't had a math class for a year now, but other than that, pretty easy.

I'm still waiting for that demo BTW[wink]

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The questions on the real test were just a little bit harder than the practice ones. But then again, if you studied at all there will be very similar questions between the two.

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