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Blocky Man strikes back

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Well, it took quite a bit of work, but Blocky Man can now jump on enemies to kill them. Its pretty sweet, and especially useful on the third stage of the game. However, it certainly isn't bug free.

I believe I'm going to move on to adding some sound to the game now.
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But just remember that you need that cheasy old video game music and crudy sound effects to fit into this genre!

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I've already assembled a soundtrack of old and new midi video game tunes that is now in the game.

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Just played through Invasion. Pretty awesomem I must say. Two things though... I'd make the infantry units have more movement and alittle more range. They're almost completely useless. Also, the magic pink wasn't drawing transparent. Otherwise, it was very impressive! Can I ask though...

Could you post a couple of lines of what your code looked like when you were loading your images? I know it's an odd request, but you know what I mean, right? (ie: in Allegro, it would be the lines where you have "load_bitmap("image.jpg);").


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I'll use the code from Invasion.

To load sprites, I wrote a function that looked like this:

SDL_Surface *LoadSprite(const char *filename)
SDL_Surface *temp;
temp = SDL_LoadBMP(filename);

SDL_SetColorKey(temp, SDL_SRCCOLORKEY, SDL_MapRGB(screen->format, 255, 0, 255));

return temp;

Here is the code I used to load a the tree sprite in the game:

prop[prop_index_tree] = LoadSprite("gfx/tree.bmp");
if(!prop[prop_index_tree]) return false;

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That second block is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, man!


EDIT: Wow, you don't know how much help you were...

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