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Ah..finished the Improv Riot website

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Well, I'm almost finished with the Improv Riot website. Everything is basically set up - I'm going to do a few touchups on the content pages and news, I still have to finish the Media section, and I haven't installed the forums yet. Beyond that - their site is up and running.

Improv Riot!

Note: Screen res of 1024x768 minimum should be used - and latest versions of whatever browser you're using.

By the way, Improv Riot is a group of guys (and girls) mostly from my hometown who put together a weekly improv show at a cafe in Freehold, New Jersey. Mike (the proverbial leader) had me design them a site which would reflect their silly but adult-orientated approach.

I'm also being paid to get some headshots for everyone..and then tackling the big gorilla: They want me to shoot and edit a documentary about their gig. I don't know why - it seems excessive, but whatever. 'Slong as I get paid.
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