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zelda-diablo mockups

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in an effort to help motivate me (as well as give form to some of my ideas) i figured i'd throw together some mock-ups. i basically ripped some screenies and tilesets and played around a bit with mspaint and psp3.

in this mockup, we have some basic fighting. its not really anything special, but its hard to get a shot of you striking something, so i had to do a little work. was sorta practice too.

in this mockup, we've killed the octoroks in the same spot and now we have a cluster of items. if you don't want to pick them all up, you need a way to pick the particular item you want. in fact, i don't imagine i'll have any automatic pickup of items (gold/rupees aside, of course) and you'll need to move to a group and perform the PickUp action. if there's an ambiguity as to which item the player wanted, a list like the above would pop up and you'd have to select which you wanted.

i need some weapon usage mockups now ^_^
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