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zelda-diablo mockup

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lets get right to the mockup.

in this mockup we are attacking in 3 directions. first, we're attacking to the NE. the second attack is due East. then we do a third attack to the SE. (i've looped it, of course) even with only 8 angles for the sword sprite, we should be able to do this fairly easily.

one of the things that bothers me most about alot of 2d action adventures is that they only do things in 4 directions. in minish cap, you have enough coverage with the sword strokes, but with many of the other weapons, 4 directions is simply not enough. if you can move in 8 directions, you should be able to act in 8 directions.

the mockup would be more obvious if i did the thrust, instead of the stroke, in the same directions to show off the angles. the spear class standard thrust should be able to be done in 8 directions as well. i'll do the spear next.
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Is this you having fun with screenshots, or are you planning on using this stuff to create a game? (This wasn't explicity mentioned anywhere I can find :P)

If it is the latter, than you have my wholehearted encouragement -- I've been clamouring to make a game like this, but I'd be more than happy if somebody stylishly beat me to it. ;)

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i most certainly plan on doing something to the effect of the mockups. its just that i'm having alot of trouble keeping focused, as always. i figured doing some mockups would keep me on track. not only are they doing that, they're also firing me up!

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to raise another point, i'd rather be using a single sprite for the sword motions, and rotate it about the hero smoothly. this way i wouldn't be limited to the (limited) 90' sweep range shown above. 180' seems a bit much, but it'll be something to play with.

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