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It began with the mountain that was the source of all life. all life came from the mountain, and all life was recycled through the mountain. All good souls came to rest in this mountain, and became small crystals lodge in deep caves within the mountin. A small tribe of ancient native peoples lived in a small village at the foot of the mountain, keeping guard over it for many centuries.

But at civilization grew, the bad men from the cities came to the village in the night. The destroyed and pillaged, and industrialized the area around the mountin. Their greed festering, they build mines on the mountain. When they finally reached the top of the mountain, they harvested the larges crystal of all. The tip of the mountain. The great Life Stone.

When removed, all circulation of life on the planet died. Slowly the native peoples of the world became extinct, and henthforth this was known as the first apocolypse. New mountains have risen from the ashes, and the world is many times reborn. Now, after seven great life stones reside in different parts in the world after seven respective armaggedons, the fated Judgement Day is coming.

Will Jack gather all of the stones in time to fight the evil forces which will arise on the final day? As impending doom approaches, he and his group race against the clock.

Humanity has one chance left...


PS: That's what that's supposed to be, anyway. A great lifestone. The first one in the game.

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