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Moar Choons

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I got the file transfer working properly now, and sent a bunch of images and mp3s across the network to my other computer. Victoly!

Now just to polish it up so disconnects are handled cleaner and I can probably get away with using it.

Also, I pulled most of the engine parts of Freezer 2 out and started making them into an API so I can at least re-use the code for my next game. So far, I made a little demo with rotating and scaling sprites with mouse and keyboard input in just under 100 lines. I also abstracted out my Actor class, so you can inherit from it and create a NetworkedActor class (that sends state changes to a server), for example -- as well as actors specific to your game, such as PlayerActor or AIActor. I figure SHilbert can take it from here and build a game using the engine rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. [totally] It has support for the AngelCode bitmap font format, OGG music with ID3v1 tags, and sound effects using SDL_mixer. It's a pretty nice toolkit, I could probably build a full game with it in a weekend.
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You should implement a JTree that organizes by the ID3 tags…
For someone like me who has over four thousand mp3s it would be a chore to tell what is what (especially because the filenames aren't all that descriptive)

Overall though I must commend you!

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Well, not all files you can share will have id3 tags -- it's not just for music but also for software (which is probably going to make it a lot better than OurTunes for our campus usage -- we can offer copies of PDFs, homebrew software, zips).

It's a good idea, but I'm not sure how much time it would take implementing it vs. making the thing a lot nicer when clients disconnect.

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