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ATi!? (And other oddities)

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In the land of development, I've curbed some frusteration on Magma Duel network programming by getting some work done on the RPG I'm coding with some friends over at GU, with them supplying the artwork/story, Star of Shadows. If you've played any RPGs on any of the 16-bit systems back in the day (SNES/Genesis) you'll know what we're aiming for. :)

Right now the map editor is completed, along with the game's map handling system and actor management. I'm currently implementing the quasi-flexible scripting engine that the game will use for events, triggers, and the likes that controls the beefy things that happen in the game. It's a homebrewn variety, but it feels like BASIC all-around. Here's a code-exerpt from a villager:

Debug "Creating villager.."
CreateActor Villager_1, V1
SetScriptActor V1
SetTimer 1000


V1.DoSpeech "Oh, hello there. I'm just wandering about minding my own business."

I'll post some screenshots once the game starts to become more intruiging. Somehow the barebones of an RPG engine don't look as appealing when there's no combat or menus about. ;)


Regarding the ATi reference: let me set up the scenario for you all. I'm currently graduated from highschool, and have returned for a year to buff up my mathematics/computers credits+marks before heading off to university, and I need to take a few 'filler' courses in order for the school to allow me to be considered a full-time student. So the first semester I'm taking Computer Engineering and a dinky Grade 11 University math.

On friday I approached my CE teacher -- who is a really great guy, BTW -- and asked him if I could give him a hand teaching the second-semester Computer Science course (helping out students, etc) to get a credit instead of taking another filler course. It turns out, better yet, that he could probably hook me up with doing co-op at ATi, which totally blows my mind. :D

So I'll be sending him a list of stuff I've done pertaining to programming and graphics, and he's going to forward it over to some of his friends there. I'm exorbitantly excited to see where this leads, as having ATi listed on a resume is golden. ;)
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