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HDR Demo

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So despite what I was talking about yesterday - adding some shadows and whatnot to my HDR demo... I've decided to clean up and refactor the current code a bit before I get into shadows.

Ysaneya made a couple of comments to my previous entry exposing an implementation problem. I think I'll go with the rendering to multiple render targets and then having a final "combiner" stage drawing them all together. That method sounds the most obvious and straightforward to me...

I used "raw" vertex/pixel shaders in the original implementation, which was nice because you could see exactly what-was-what and have none of it hidden away by the generic effect interface.

But I thought that I might as well go with effect files - might make it a bit easier to perform the next bit of work (adding some more effects in)...

So, things to do:
  1. Finish refactoring the vsh and psh files into fx files.

  2. Make the GUI "optional". I noticed that the GUI composition consumes around 50% of my frame time, so I'm going to have some sort of key-toggle to display/hide it. If I'm gonna dig into some heavier effects I at least want the option to run at full (or near full) performance [smile]

  3. Update the programmer art and get something a bit prettier in..

  4. Look into exposing more of the shader parameters to the GUI so that end-users can tweak even more stuff.
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