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## Coolest. Update. Evar.

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No developmental news this weekend, however I do have some ultra fucking cool stuff to show you. Yesterday my best friend invited me to go to the races with him. Now, when it comes to me and drag racing (or cars in general), you don't have to ask me twice. And the deal was sweetened when he said "I'll pay for the ticket, don't worry."

We went to San Antonio Raceway because they were having a "Night of Fire." They had a two Jet Dragsters that ran the quarter mile at speeds upward of 300mph, a jet semi that ran around 250mph (1800hp!!!), and a school bus that does a wheelstand all the way down the quarter mile. Here are a few pictures, none of which I took. I regret not taking my camcorder or my digital camera. Had I know there'd be a jet semi and a wheelstanding school bus, i'd have taken them. I only knew about the jet dragsters, which I've seen a few times. Was my first time seeing a jet semi and a wheelying schoolbus. Anyway, without further ado, p1kt4rz:

Click the pictures to biggify them

I could only find a picture of the "Chicago Rush" jet dragster, couldn't find one of the "Terminator" jet dragster. But, really, once you've seen one, you know what they look like. None of these pictures capture the fucking SWEETNESS of them i nreal life. You must get to an event and see these. I don't care if you don't like cars or racing. Do. It. Now.

Also, the Orange County Choppers' (TV's American Chopper) "NAPA Auto Parts Drag Bike" was on display:

Click to biggify
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A wheelying school bus is one of the things that convinces me of the greatness of humankind.

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hahahah. Eat me. :p

And god damnit rob, renew your gdnet+ subscription.

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