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No work got done today... because I went to the DigitalLife Convention! For those of you who don't know, the DL Convention is the Gaming and Consumer Electronics Convo for New York City. Half half-priced tickets after student discount, and everything was awesome. Saw an Xbox 360, wasn't impressed, saw the new Castlevania for PS2, was mildly impressed, and saw Mario Kart on LAN for DS; very impressed. The graphics were so good I thought they were playing Double Dash until I realized it was just one person to a kart.

Anyhow, there was one peice that captivated my interest. It's a peice of modeling/animating software called Animation Master. It was used to make a great many commercial-ready products, including a few high-profile console games. Anyhow, I've seen a guy go through the many steps of how to make a simple item like a vase or bowl in a matter of something like 5 minutes.

This guy modeled, rendered, and animated in 30 seconds. The guy made a walking animation for a Homer Simpson model in something like 20 seconds. Anyhow, I was thoroughly impressed. Anyhow, $300, and I'll definately buy it when I begin to work in 3D down the line.

Anyow, if you know anything about the program, give me a shout! For now, I'm out. Should have more concept art tomorrow. Peace!

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