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Untitled... or something

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Sir Sapo


Hey Everyone!

First off, if you haven't already, download the new version of Angels 20, and let us know what you think, and how it ran on your machine.

Angels 20 Version 0.9

Alright, on with the entry!

Today I worked on the Cutscene engine for Angels 20, and I got it integrated into the game itself, which means I get to strike out another item on the A20 to-do list!!!!

I pretty much just cleaned up the code for the cutscenes, and fixed some minor bugs with the sound system for them. In case you missed the entry where I went over how the cutscenes worked, I'll go over it again (because I have nothing else to write about).

The cutscenes in Angels 20 are split up into "Scenes", which are defined inside text files with the file extension .mark. These scenes are then compiled into a .amf file, which is what the movie classes read from. The .mark files can be edited with notepad, and are used to define scene specific details such as background music, textures, actors, etc. Its a simple, but un-intuitive system, but it works.

Anyways, today I added the ability for actors to remain invisible for a certain amount of time before appearing. This is useful for creating effects such as a missile firing from an airplane, and things to that effect. I also made it so that objects can change direction mid-scene, allowing for dogfight-type scenes. Not that exciting I know, but I'm running out of cool stuff to do for the gameplay of Angels 20.

I also got a cutscene integrated with the game engine, so now before and after missions we can have a cutscene roll that explains what's going on. All in all, a big milestone met.

Also, since he finished the Cuban tileset, and doesn't have much to do, Mark the Artist sat down and (attempted) to make an animation of the main character in TraderJacks game. We don't know if it will be of any help (or if it's any good), but Jack's always supported us, so here's our(mostly Mark's) gift to you!

Well, thats all for today, talk to you guys later!
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Haha, nice! God, it's like torture. I wish I had my own artist... but that's SO much! Now I can test my animation code... (which is giving me too many problems for being up this late).

I really appreciate it. Thank a bunch!


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Now I can test my animation code... (which is giving me too many problems for being up this late).
I've been putting off my animation code for a month, and the algo is already written, I just need to port it over [sad]

Oh, and that looks great as usual!

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I couldn't find the resolution controls (?), so I went ahead and got out Windows and tried it. (The AP who requested the resolution/windowed stuff was me. Lost my account info [smile].) It looks great!

I did run across a bug where the game crashes at seemingly random times following my crashing of the plane. I can't find a way to reproduce it consistantly, but for a poor pilot like me it's kind of annoying. [wink]

- Pete

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