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"Are you ever going to finish this" syndrome

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So I was futzing with my game today, adding a feature that will allow you to drag corpses and have it look halfway decent, and my friend asks me if I am ever going to finish the game.

Well, uh, of course I will. Except I still have like 2/3 of my requirements list unfulfilled, including the actual game part. Kind of disappointing to have taken so long (longer than CSRPG2 by my estimate) on this thing so far and written so much code for so little product.

So now I am going to be on a mission to complete at least two entries from my requirements list every week.

Fully functional corpse dragging
NPC controls in scripts (NOT cinemas)
Cinema engine
Modification to AIActor (adding virtuals) to make later AI actors (Cops) easier to implement -- Added 10/17
Game end condition
Improved editor, with NPC placement
Right aligned UI text
Embedded SDL/SDL_image/SDL_mixer frameworks on OS X
User configuration files (physics mods)
Reduce compile time (need some forward declarations)
Double free and small font load crash bugs
Status screen
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Freeze that feature list so we can actually see the game, eh? Don't be adding more features until after the first release. :)

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Can't freeze, finding too many bugs. [crying]

I will attempt to have the game completely finished (not a beta) by the end of November.

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