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I doubt anyone reads this shit but I need to get some focus. I've heard that a sharp blade swung at the head is a remarkable way of gaining focus, but I'll opt for the blunt, ineloquence of this journal.

Recap: I'm putting universities behind me. I quit. Enough. For reasons, let me direct you to an article a came across yesterday. It's a bit long but the author's style of writing is amusing.

Not that any of that really matters but there you go.

So recently my wife and I moved to Boston because my wife was offered a great job. Unfortunately, being a foreign national, the new job for her means that my visa status changed and I can no longer work in the US. I could try to get work with a company that sponsored me for an H-visa, but the problem there is that the current quota is filled and, effectively, I couldn't work on one until about November next year.

So volunteer work seems about the only option open for me. I don't necessarily mind that. Working for nothing is not a bad way to earn goodwill (assuming it is worth earning, i.e. the company is not run by slave merchants). Still, I've heard that companies in the game industry do not like working this way. Some indy developers have said that they just won't "hire" someone for free because they've been burned before by people just leaving or letting the company down in some similar way.

Still, no reason not to try, eh?

Yeah, but I don't have a portfolio and I doubt that anyone is going to bother hiring me without a demonstration of my work. So I'm trying to put together my portfolio and that is more-or-less where my other journal entries were.

This was prior to our big move to Boston.

So things have been a little chaotic but since they're beginning to calm down I'm trying to get back on track and this entry is part of that effort.

ok, this is me diving into the code...

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I gather that since your WIFE is working she is an American. Howcome then are you trying to get an H-visa when you should be able to get automatic green card? Just curious though.



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My wife isn't american. She has an O1 visa. I'm on a spouses visa, which is an O3. We can (and will) apply for the green card, but that takes times, a lot of time. So Applying for an H1 is pretty much the only way to go AFAIK.


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Guest Anonymous Poster


Where are you from Norway the Netherlands? Anyway... Harsh. As I hear it, America, even its academic establishment is going to the shits as the dirty tentacles of politics with basterdized concepts of religion and fairness is poked into everything with all the elegance of an octopus in a china shop - to put it most crudely.

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