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Almost... There...

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The mouse problem has been fixed. I received this great news while I was in a leadership class last night. We were in the middle of a team exercise when my phone began to vibrate. Upon seeing it was one of the developers, I just had to take it because I suspected it would be good news. The last hurdle for finishing the prototype had been overcome.

We now fast forward two hours later - another mouse problem. Crikey! The developer was pretty fed up by the time I got out of class and was taking a break to play Warcraft 3. I was very pumped about the original problem being fixed, but all the air was let out because of this other problem. Luckily, when I woke up this morning, the problem was discovered and fixed. The bad thing about an early adopter version of an engine is that documentation is sparse. This product is decently documented, and surrounded by a great community. But you have to really dig into some of the features to try to figure them out. So with the mouse issues out of the way, the developers can move forward and implement the last two items into the prototype. I'll probably post some screenshots (as retarded as they will look) after it's complete.

Things I'm currently working on:

Game Tasks............Due
Design (draft)........10/19
Design (final)........10/22
Production Play.......10/23
Task List.............10/23
Milestone Chart.......10/24
Member Contracts......10/30
Story Boarding........10/30

Other Tasks:

Articles: Producing an Independent Game
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