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A great Misfortune.

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My moste honoured and trusted Companions, I most regretfully inform you that a great Tragedy of dire consequence has occurred at approximately 9 am this morn. They did not have my Yogurt.

Its true. Quite true. Indubitably and undoubtedly true. As I went to gather a Strawberry Banana Dora The Explorer Yogurt to accompany my breakfast medley of eggs, bacon, and pastry, I noticed that the receptacle was quite Empty. Outrageous. Horrific. Horrendous. Hodgepodge.

How am I to ingest adequate amounts of Calcium to keep my Bones strong and solid when there is none of that sweet, sweet, semi-solid fermented dairy product (with a most excellent blend of Strawberry Banana taste)? How am I to get protien and minerals Neccesary for healthy growth?

The consequences were dire. My nipples becaume quite erect and I was forced to sleep through Calculus class because of inadequate nourishment.

I hope the situation is rectified immediately and I will be submitting an Official Complaint.
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