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Short entry, not much to say. I'm burning through the laborious task of going through the level 4 schematics and labeling dimentions, coordinates, and 'naming' in order to prep it for implementation. I need to draw up 2 new classes and 1 new play mechanic, as well as a hell of a custom scroll dynamic built for just for this level. I'm just glad that the level wasn't as much of a challange as I thought.

In others news, I was worried as all hell that I wasn't going to be able to limit the size of my game to something reasonable. So I try using WinRar to put it all in a .rar, and thinking that I would trn 17 mbs of data into maybe 5, it instead was converted into a matter of kilobytes. While I'm still managing the file size, my worries are very much alleviated.

No concept art for a few days, as I'm giving Bruckner a break. I will post some pictures of either myself or my schematics tomorrow or the day after in hope of catching the attention of the more passerby readers. In other words, I'm drooling to get my hands on "Shadow of the Colossus", and I found what's almost an underground videogame sales ring in my school (which is friggin awesome, cause I'm broke right now). So I should be playing the new Castlevania by the end of the week.

More tomorrow!

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