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Morning update

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Okay, somebody asked me in my previous entry if he could buy some tickets.

The answer is YES!

Before they started killing auctions, the going rate for unpeeled prize-tickets on ebay was about 34 cents each. Just so I could sell 'em fast (as I've got a lot of tickets to sell), I was selling 'em for 22.5 cents each.

Since I've got a lot of tickets to sell and few options for selling, I'm dropping the price to 15 cents each in lots of 100 (that's $15 per hundred for those slow at math).

If want some, just paypal me $15 per hundred that you want. Include $1 for first-class postage.

Thus. . .

$16 = 100 tickets
$31 = 200 tickets
$46 = 300 tickets

Honestly, it'd be hard not to get your money back on the deal. About 1/10 of the tickets will have food prizes, so at the very least you'll end up with enough free food to offset the price.

If you're interested, paypal the aforementioned amount to john@thecodezone.com and I'll get 'em in that day's mail.

I'd like to take checks, but it'd be a real logistical problem. The food-tickets expire on 11/15, so if you sent me a check, by the time you got your tickets you'd only have a couple of days left to redeem your tickets.

Also, US only. I'd like to ship overseas, but the contest will be over by the time you get 'em.

Note that there's no Best Buy Bucks (BBBs) on these tickets. They're just the prize tickets. And they're unpeeled and unsearched. What you'll be getting is this. . .

If you've got any questions or comments, email john@thecodezone.com

Finally went to BB and cashed in some of my BBB, so here's my haul now. When I buy something, I remove it from the BB credit column and add it to the merchandise column.

MBCG3AM update:

Envelopes out: 991
Envelopes in: 455
Current BB credit: $586
Cash out: $772.50 (envelopes and stamps)
Cash in: $90
Merchandise in: Wifi Media Player gizmo ($200), 802.11g wifi range extending repeater ($100)

Now then, here's what you need to do if you plan to bring in 300 BBB and you don't want Best Buys to hate you.

1) Cut yourself some little strips of paper and attach your BBB to 'em thusly:

Put five on the front and five on the back (all the same denomination, of course). That makes it really easy to count 'em all. Any BB person will tell you that their biggest hassle is when folks drop in and dump a shopping bag full of BBBs on the counter. That also make it easy for 'em to stack in the little coupon-bin where they live.

2) Be sure you've got a salesperson who knows how to redeem a bunch of BBBs.

Typically the counter-people get customers with one or two BBBs to redeem, so they just scan 'em with their little scan-gizmo. We came in last night with 300 BBBs, so our salesperson proceeded to scan each ticket individually. Ten minutes later the Point-O-Sale terminal crashed. Finally the manager popped over, looked at what they were doing, rolled his eyes, and told 'em just to scan one BBB then do an in-store credit of $300. That made the process much simpler.

3) Anyone who redeems a lot of BBBs is required to give 'em a name and address. This is just so that McDonald's can make sure that their employees aren't dumpster-diving or stealing BBBs from cups. If you don't work for McDonald's, you've got nothing to worry about by giving 'em your contact info.
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