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Boo midterms!

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I hate midterm exams. Someone free me!

All I've had to play in the last couple weeks is Smash TV because my GPA is afraid of what will happen if I buy a copy of FEAR. Not like it matters, the local game store informs me that "nobody cares about computer games" so they are only getting one copy... for the 31st. I hate EB so much, they have completely turned into Gamestop. Bring back Funcoland!

In other news, I've been working on my propane injector 2D games library, it looks like it might be very useful for my next game if I can solidify the API enough. And hell, someone from here might even want to use it! If you do, you should totally wait until I integrate the SHilScript core properly and add a rebindable input manager.

Plans for Freezer2: It needs moar cop. I will get right on that after exams and unwinding.
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