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FlameWarriors: Unite!

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I just had an awesome idea for a website: InaneRavings.Com
Note that it's all just rhetoric meant to gather a 'community' (so much as such a site could)

It will take a lot of work, but I think it will be quite popular once I get it up and running.

I'm wondering if the page looks the same on other browsers, but I'd rather not install them myself because I hate installing programs I don't use (with all the junk they put in the registry etc) so here you can see an image of what it looks like to me in IE6. If it looks different for you in your browser, would you please list browser, version, etc and either describe the difference or post a screencap of what it looks like?

Oh, and what do you think of the idea?
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Still the same. But I don't know much about Opera (I only have it to look at my own websites in multiple browsers) so I don't know if it's cached or not. I hit refresh a few times, and it's still there.

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Looks fine for me in both Firefox (1.0.6) and Opera (8.5); I'm not getting the error described by the other user. Cool idea for a site.

You can force a refresh with Ctrl+F5 in Opera btw (just like with the other major browsers.

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