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Magma Duel 2nd release!

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I've finally decided to release Magma Duel, with all of the bells/whistles that have been added. It's a big step from the first release, and has a lot more functionality. I'll upload to the GD.NET showcase and post in Your Announcements tomorrow at some point.

Online play is not included. Apologies. It finally dawned upon me that I have no way of hosting the master server in a dedicated manner for a long-term basis. My computer crashes rather frequently, and the connection isn't too great, so I can't even host it on my box. :/ The actual network code is pretty far, just lacking a few additions (game options & powerup spawning), but this issue cuts out the possibility until some solution arises. Maybe when I get into Uni they'll let me use their servers, heh. ;)
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Why can't you release the server right alongside of the client? And then when the client goes to connect to the server it will ask for the ip and socket? This way people would be able to do networked play, but wouldn't place all the burden on your servers.

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There can only be one master-server. I could rewrite it to accept target IP addresses for joining games, but I've always loathed these systems. :/

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