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Finally getting minor work in on programming for myself these days. Not much, was working on a loader to handle OBJ a long time ago, but before I stopped working on it I very quickly dropped in a 3D font system. And so, even though in reality this code has been in place for like ~2 months, you get a screenie now :P

When I finish my little experiments w/ Ruby aka learning it really quick, I plan to mess around with just the rendering of objects (basic geo's) and hold off on working on the OBJ loader until I have a better grasp on how information should be passed into DirectX and OpenGL for speed etc.
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How are you loading and rendering your text? It looks pretty nice. Will it scale to low resolutions without becoming unreadable? And by 3D font system, do you mean you're building the characters out of polygons, or you're rendering the bitmapped text on a 3D plane?

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IIRC from the code, that text is currently rendered to screen space, loading a TrueType font, relying a great deal on D3DX.
It's a simple matter in the engine to render it in world ortho perspective, or in 3d space.

When I get home, I'll explain a bit more about what's going on, and how it's laid out, but being at work and working on other things prohibits me from doing it now :)

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