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Oh teh noes! Not a rewrite!

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I'm currently rewriting the entire Blocky Man code. I want to have a whole bunch of new features, such as different environments, enemies, and working menu screens(gasp!).

Also, Laz has informed me that he is working on a space mod for Blocky Man, so I'm really looking forward to what he makes. If anyone else wants to make their own graphics and maps for the game, I encourage it. I'll probably ask if you to if I can add it to the new version of Blocky Man.
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"Alpha One" of my Castle Blockenstein mod can be had here - just extract on top of the Blocky Man files and you're all set. My programmer art isn't as cool as Laz's space mod, though.

Right now all that's changed is I've done a rough version of the first level and replaced some of the artwork. I'd like to eventually do a total conversion, with modified sound effects, musical score, and maybe some modified character sprites to fit the theme.

Anyways, there's round one - enjoy (or not, as the case may be).

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Just played Castle Blockenstein. I really like it, and the new tileset looks awesome. I'll post it in my next entry so more people can play it.

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Stompy -- you should add SHilScript support to your game if you want to encourage more mod love. PM me for some details, I'm currently teh only poppet using it. [grin]

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