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Dodge This

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I managed to get some time to work on the game some more, so I've been hacking around with different weapons for the player's ship. None of this is anywhere near proper code, lots of nasty hardcoding and not at all reusable - but it's good to see what kind of patterns would work well for the player.

Heres the result:


Actually the ship here is firing four different weapons all at the same time, you'll probably only have one available to you at any given time (depending on the ship you pick at the start). For the eagle eyed, the weapons are:
- Central core, big and focused
- Wide laser bursts at six angles
- Spread/shotgun bullets at varying speeds
- Big sweaping machine gun streams

Not sure which ones I'll keep, or how I'll adjust them for power/pickups yet though. Any that don't get used as player weapons will probably appear on the enemies in some form though...
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Very nice! On the weekend I'll have to put in some extra effort to get my shooter engine up to the state of actually displaying something on the screen [smile]

Those diamond shaped things are the shotgun blasts, right? The clouds of shots seem to be drifting from the centre of the ship however; is that by design?

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Actually, no. All the bullets are the same pink colour at the moment (later, your own bullets will be different from enemy bullets so you can tell which ones to dodge). The 'shotgun' bullets are the randomly scattered ones (shotgun is actually a lousy name, as they don't come in bursts).

I forgot I hadn't mentioned the green diamonds yet - they're collectables that give you extra points. Enemy ships shatter into a cloud of them on death and they then sink off the bottom of the screen.

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