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Almost there.

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had a question about what cd's were on my wall in that last pic.
They are games, but you wont find UT2004, DOOM3 or even HL2 up there.

  • Phantasmagoria 1
  • Monkey Island 1,2,3
  • Kings Quest 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
  • The Dig
  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
  • Myst
  • Diablo 1
  • Lighthouse
  • Beneath a steel sky
  • The Journeyman Project

    Motherboard, RAM and CPU came in last night.

    And I must say I am impressed, newEgg.com is great.

    so i opened everything up, mounted the studs in my case, applied some copper heat-sinks to exposed chips.

    Modified the jumpers to my linking and conected all of the front-panel connections and such.

    As it stands my case has 8 USB ports (whoo hoo!)

    I've decided to stick with the integrated MOBO audio, it looks to be pretty good, even better than my SB24.

    The cpu was pretty awesome, I hadnt really seen a CPU since i bought my Athalon 950 MHZ, and it was pretty huge.

    this one (AMD64 Athalon San Diego) was pretty tiny, about 1.5" square, but was heavy for it's size.

    got it installed, and clamped down the included heat-sink and fan.

    Seems things are all going to this SATA type hard disk interface, I am currently using Ultra ATA but I guess I may change soon.

    I will be doing a simple swap of my OS drive from my existing machine into the new one. Then I will probably copy it onto my new Seagate 120 MB drive since I belive it is currently on an 80

    then once that is all done I will install my existing developer drive.

    The rest of my essentia HW should come today, seems my led case fans and lights are taking a while to ship (not from newegg =/)

    but my GPU,keyboard,mouse, and other components should be in today.

    once i get everything set up ill get a nice action shot =D
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    Nice collection of games there. I just beat Beneath a Steel Sky a week or two ago. Indiana is on my list (after you have raved about it so much, how could I not?) I didn't particularly like BaSS. I thought that some of the puzzles were just pretty rediculous, and the story didn't really tickle my fancy (sci-fi ain't my thing).

    But, a more serious question: Where are LOOM and Maniac Mansion?

    Ever play Sam & Max or Grim Fandango? Those are on my list too.

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    I agree; good collection of games (well, except for Phantasmagoria [smile]). I've probably played through most of those already (although for some reason I haven't played The Dig; I'm not sure why). Every adventure game from Lucasarts was awesome. Have you played Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken or Day of the Tentacle (that last one taught me who Jefferson and Hancock were [wink]).

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    Holy crap, most of those are my favorite games of all time =)

    Especially the KQ series.

    Awesome system too =)

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