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Stupid spelling

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My membership in the "Grammar nazi ninja squad" got me in trouble...

So in the building that I live, in the elevators they have posted a notice saying (exact words):
"Candy donations for Haloween are now being excepted at the superintendent's office."

So this morning, I took a little post-it note, and wrote "It's 'accepted' not 'excepted'" on it and posted it right under the announcement.

Now they're holding me responsible for posting bills on the building property without management's permission [sad]
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I'll spare them the correction for that word, in order to avoid a second set of charges against me.

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I doubt it's even because of the charge you're getting -- people just don't like to be shown their mistakes. Especially in a public fashion like the above.

A more curteous (and safer!) method might have been to send a note to the supervisor/whomever privately about the mistake. :P

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If you just edited the original note to say 'In addition, it's "Halloween" not "Haloween"' would that count as a second offense?

Or did the mods delete your post-it note?

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On the plus side, they have actually fixed both of the spelling mistakes on the notices. And I didn't even have to point out the second one!

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I did this to a sign my boss wrote and I guess she got embarrassed and ripped it down. I don't think she knew I did it, so she didn't fire me.

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