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More Excessive Negativity

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Well, I found out today that the cleaning company has refused to cough up a reimbursement for the video card. Apparently, they are taking the maid's word for it that the card was, and I quote, "in the trash." That's a filthy lie and everyone involved knows it, but they're stubbornly sticking to their BS story. I can't say I didn't see this coming, but it still sucks.

For what little bit of justice it's worth, the company has fired the cleaners and will be refusing to pay the bill for their (dis)services. So they still lose their $150 (and more, if I'm not mistaken) for utter incompetence and stupidity on the job, and I'll (eventually) get back the cash for another card.

I guess it all evens out, though - I haven't had a chance to really miss the TV card without a sound system to go with it.
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