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Fill yer boots!

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So I was filling my boots with fine Microsoft gear via the university's MSDNAA program. I picked up a copy of Win2K pro, Win2K3 server, Visual SourceSafe, Microsoft Project, VS 2003, Win XP Pro SP2, and Visio 2003. I wonder how they can stay in business giving me this crap for the cost of a few CD-Rs.

In other words, Freezer 2 development is really slow. I banged a few bugs out of the font system (which will be rolled back into Propane Injector 1.1 along with the Sound and Music managers) and patched up a bunch of control issues. Also, some of the physics constants can be edited through a physics.dat file in the data directory.

The OS X version no longer requires the end-user to download and install all the SDL frameworks; they are rolled into the application package. I'm pretty sure this should work but haven't had a chance to test it on a machine other than my dev rig.

As soon as midterms are freed up next Friday I'm going to kick it into high gear and get started on 1W1B 2 preparations as well as adding the Cops and Special Operatives to Freezer 2. Also, in a first for the series, you will be DRAGGING corpses behind you in a totally awesome fashion. Can't wait!

Also: Acclaim's publishing rights are getting auctioned off. Scoop up your favourite publishing rights!
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