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Edit Note...

After getting fluid actor movement done all there is left to do is gameplay and eventually networking. This is excluding some of the GUI work to make things easier to develop, but it really does show how close I am to actually developing a game rather than an engine. Oh, and 5,314 lines!

All right, I finally did it. The battle engine now supports animation. This was something that I had been putting off because it was required that I rewrite some code into the new framework. I extended the GenericActor object into an AnimatedGenericActor object. It supports an unlimited amount of frames, so there is no worry about getting the animation into just a few frames. The frames also contain the information of how long the frame is, so there are no worries of having animations that pause on a single frame.

String[] Graphic_Frames = {"frame0", "frame1", "frame2", "frame3", "frame4", "frame3", "frame2", "frame1", "frame0"};
int[] Wait_Frames = {200,200,200,200,200,200,200,200,200};
ActorTracker.addActor(new AnimatedGenericActor("Name", Graphic_Frames, Wait_Frames, 0, 0, 1};

It is automagically updated and rendered after that. And since it extends the GenericActor class it can be asked to move and other functions.

Next Step: Fluid Actor movement. I've had some ideas, now that I have graphics that have a jump animation I can have the actor jump before moving to tiles of higher height. This will make the movement much better than it was in JavaTactics.

Anyway, thought you'd all like to know.
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Animation is one of my least favorite aspects of game programming, which is why you hardly see it in my games. Although, this is of course at the cost of quality.

The engine you're creating looks awesome I might add, and I want to commend you for creating an awesome Java game engine. I haven't seen alot of a Java game programmers here, or at least ones doing as cool of stuff as you are.

Anyways, keep up the great work.

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Why is the list of frames of string type? Since they're always (right?) numerical, wouldn't an integer type be cleaner?

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@Stompy: Thanks! I really appreciate that comment.

They are strings because the key to the graphics cache is a String object. The frame list could easily have been "actor001_south_walk_0" or something else. They should be integers if I really wanted to save a few ms, but right now it isn't necessary, and gives far more readability to the scripting.

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