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Blocky Man in the City

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Got most of the Blocky Man code over to VC++. By most, I mean that it is missing the sound and font portions of the game.

I've also got the city tileset working:

I'm planning to add a transition screen after each level that will be a replica of the one from the origional Super Mario Bros.

Also, make sure to read Laz's journal to see his work on "Blocky Man in Space".
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So is the blue sky actually an image, or is it just filled blue at render? Because one thing that the platform scroller really needs is that nifty panoramic scrolling background that gives it a sense of depth.

Is it Ruvuya that is supposed to be porting this over for OSX?

But anyway, keep up the great work!

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The Blue sky is actually an image loaded into the game. I'm planning on drawing different backgrounds with each tileset soon.

And yes, Ravuya will be porting it to OSX. I believe that he will only be doing it when the game is done, though.

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Cool. All that's missing are concerned Blocky-Land citizens looking out their window at their hero. ;)

I sent you a level I made on email to stompy5@hotmail.com, is that the address you check?

Keep up the good work!

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