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Hey, sorry for no new posts. I didn't have much to write about in terms of developement. Tomorrow I run throught the structure of the code for the fourth level and plug in a bunch of coordinate points. Then I should be able to run through the level. Then I'll have screenies. Anyhow, on to art.

This is Bruckner's latest peice on ADLR-23...

Alright... this... is friggin awesome! So I'm giving Bruckner a week and a half of break. And buying him the new Castlevania on DS. So he'll be a happy camper. Plus, I need the game to catch up with the concept art (which as you can imagine, moves infinately faster than the programming).

Alright, so for the big news...

I've started a podcast. It's called Games Avant-Garde, and I've got the introductory episode already recorded. We brought some guys into the studio, have a tech guy, and announcer, and I'm right there in the spotlight as the host. This podcast is about discussing mainstream games, exploring games in an intellectual and annalytical fashion, and just having a great time.

Our introductory episode is 8 minutes long, packed with serious content. It explains what we're about, the future of the cast, and how to contact us. For our first debut substantial episode, we have high profile interviews. We're even sitting down to discuss "Shadow of the Colossus" (incredible game, if you havn't heard about it) with Shane from the EGM review crew. We're setting up a date and time for the interview now...

So wish me luck everyone. I'll write another entry when we're up on iTunes tomorrow night!

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