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I have fixed the download (see next post) to work with windows. Let me know of any other problems.

Demo: release102305.zip[3.04mb]

This demo show you a few key things with the Battle Engine. The most important is a sample very short cut scene. To start the cutscene press 'r' (for run script). After the script is done it will have moved the map off screen, to get it centered simply press 'g' which will set a camera goal to center.

1: Toggle Log
2: Toggle Mouse Mode
3: Toggle CommandProcessor
4: Toggle Graphics Cache Viewer
R: Run Cutscene Script (will only work properly once per game run)
G: Move map back to center
B: Open the Battle web-browser
Space+Directional: Move Camera
Directional: move Cursor
Escape: Exit menu


Some of the items in the CommandProcessor might not work correctly, and some functionality may not be included in its GUI. To run a script from the Scripts folder simply insert CommandProcessor.runScript("./Scripts/example01.bsh"); and replace example01.bsh with one of the other ones such as the server.
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Darn, I was looking forward to playing this. :(

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Battle/Main

I'm running on Windows XP. :/

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I'm working on the problem right now… Knew that I should have checked it in VPC first…

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