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Irregular updates continue

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Well so much for updating this every couple of days. I haven't yet fallen below once a week so I reckon I'm doing OK.

I haven't yet started doing any real coding, although I decided yesterday to learn myself python like I always said I would. It's a nice language, and I'll need to get some practice in writing various apps to actually get to grips with it and really know it, but as far as the syntax goes I've just about got that down pat.

Because I was feeling quite productive and clever I went off and started on perl. Totally different, but still good. I don't know which I'd pick if I was asked to play favourites, but it might be perl - simply based on my style of thinking. They're not really that different though. Given that I know php already, it's not a huge step into either of them (at least as far as the basics go).

The reason I'm not coding is because the halls of residence here at Edinburgh have a fairly extensive DVD library which I have managed to get myself hooked on. I'm currently watching through Babylon 5, but they have 24, Alias and plenty of other series I want to give a try. That's not even mentioning all the films they have there.

I guess I'll need to do some coding too. I'm thinking of rewriting my "engine" (really just a collection of pre-written classes) into something more powerful and flexible. The scripting engine I wrote last time is very nice, so I think I'm going to rewrite that, then code it into the very base of the "engine". Making things scriptable would be a very nice feature.

There's no need to rewrite the mundane low-level code, like my vector and matrix classes etc. Things like my texture class might get a rewrite, but not the whole thing. It took me several weeks to finally get my PNG loader working (from scratch!) and I'm not going to just wipe it! I'm pretty proud of it, even if it is about 3 times slower than libpng, that's not bad for a first attempt I'd say. (If you're interested, it's actually the zlib part which is the slow part, the png wrapper above that is quite light because I only support a small subset of images).

EDIT: wow, that was longer than I thought it was.
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You're in the Pollock Halls then?

What's happening in Edinburgh? I don't get to go home for another 2 weeks [sad]

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Don't rewrite! Rewriting the entire engine is the spawn of the devil. Always move forward (or pair each rewrite of a component with writing more game code)! [grin]

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