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Evil Steve


Well, I was up till 7:30am today, getting stuff done to my site. And then I managed to oversleep until the grand time of 4pm today. Joy.
So, tonight - for my site - I have to:
  • Finish the Projects section of my site (Which looks pretty much like the GDS)
  • Add a section to the admin section to manage projects (Like the GDNet+ "Manage Submissions" page)
  • Add the downloads page (Shouldn't take too long)
  • Add the Articles page (I'll cheat, so it shouldn't take too long)
    And I also have to hack around with phpbb for a friend's Guild Wars site to make an Image Of The Day forum, and rewrite my CV for a non-software job.

    My dad went on one of his rants about me getting a job again, so I'm to go out on Monday and "Get a job. I don't care what it is, just get one". So I'm going to be stuck with some shitty supermarket job which I've been trying to avoid.
    I'm going to apply to places like PC World, Curry's and Dixons, but I'm not really holding out much hope.
    Ideally, I want a programming job, or an IT job of some sort. But I hate working with customers. I don't mind working with a large group of other people (E.g. doing IT Admin in an office or something), but I just don't like constantly dealing with different people.
    I also have to meet a friend of mine to get some money she owes me, go and put money into my savings account, and get started on a site that I said I'd have a go at (A copy of Klanwars, basically).

    Ukh. I'd better get started...
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    ever tried rent-a-coder? I know quite a few CompSci/SoftEng students (and recent graduates) who prop up their finances with some on the side contract work through there. Looks good on the CV as well.

    Could be better than working in Tesco's [lol]


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    Toolmaker did some rent-a-coder work and said it was rubbish. I may as well sign up I suppose, and see if there's anything of interest.

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