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Three new things.

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Three new things, only two of them have a screenshot.

1. Works great on Windows
I rolled the Windows port into the main source tree so I can build it without having to dick about with the IDE every time I move over there. Thus ends my week of putting up with Windows XP as my primary workstation OS. No screenshot, but I'll give you guys an early taste (RAR format! RAAAARRR!).

I did this so Hippo could see the stuff I was working on, but then he started bugging me to get a key to add more NPCs. So I did.

2. The Console
Yup, there's now a debug console in the game. It spawns NPCs and refills your ammo and health at the moment. Here is the screen shot. This isn't in the RAR version that I offered, so don't bother looking [grin]

Finally, it wouldn't be complete without some new deadly weaponry and social parody, so I added the nail gun.

3. Nail gun
This meaty bastard chews through NPCs like nothing else (completing the triumverate between the short-range shotgun and the long-range micro assault rifle). I did a great sprite for it, and made my own sound effect by perturbing a Creative Commons air-wrench sound effect until it sounded suitably like a portable nail gun. It also has a new bullet graphic and slightly changed physics model. Here's a shot of me discussing videogame violence with fictional attorney Yack Jhompson.

All in all, a productive evening. Let me know how the game runs on YOUR Windows machine!

SLOCCount: 5323 lines not counting SHilScript, $469,804 USD to develop in total
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