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The goal of this whole project is to make a simple framework for me to work with in creating NES & SNES style 2d tile based games. I don't want to have to worry about creating base sprite classes, tile classes, fonts and simple HUDs. So basicly I am writing a (S)imple (G)aming (L)ayer. Using SDL underneath will help porting to different platforms if people wish to do so (in other words, not me).

The use of OpenGL as the graphics API has allowed me to introduce alpha blending, rotation and scaling on a hardware level that basic SDL can only offer in software emulation.

Some things I have come to enjoy so far:

- SGL_Sprite is a basic 2d image or part of an image that can be drawn, stretched, blended, and/or rotated anywhere on the screen. SGL_Sprite's need outside information to tell them where and how to be drawn.

- SGL_Entity is more of a physical entity in your game world. It contains a pointer to an SGL_Sprite to act as it's visual representation. An SGL_Entity object contains all of the information it needs to represent itself on the screen as well as check if it has collided with another entity.

- SGL_SurfaceManager is available to help manage loading and unloading SGL_Surface objects and makes sure you do not load the same surface twice.

- SGL_SpriteManager is available to help manage and act as a container of SGL_Sprite objects.

- SGL_EntityManager is available to help manage and act as a container of SGL_Entity objects.

Soon to come: Demo or something
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