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Well it looks like my graphics card is broken. I noticed some corruption in Q3:

And I decided to check it in windows in case it wasn't my software setup on linux. Same thing in halo on windows. On a thought, I checked the temperature on the card.

129 degrees celsius.

That is quite hot.

Well anyway I soon discovered that the fan on the card was totally dead. I have no idea what temp the card is running at right now but I'd guess if I wanted a fried egg I wouldn't have to wait long.

There's not much I can do - I can't get the original box from my parents to RMA it until next week (November 1st -) so I'll need to keep this running until then. After that, I'll try and find a spare card, but if not I'll be computerless for 10 days or so while I get the replacement.

I think I should be OK as I reckon the fan has been dead for 4 days or so, because 4 days ago I started seeing some weird graphical corruption in mplayer that is suspiciously close to the corruption I saw in Q3/halo.

To try and express my feelings in emoticon form:

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For some reason, Quake3 always seems to show weird z-fighting/vertex issues when video cards overheat. I have seen this on an i810, i740, all sorts of Rage chips, a TNT2, a GF2 Ultra, Voodoo1 and a Voodoo Rush.

Other apps seem to behave more randomly.

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