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Welcome to the journals, and to GDNet!

That's a picture of you in front of the powerwall, right? How much cash does a research institute need to pony up to buy one of those?

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I'm pretty sure that it is not you. I mean, see it by yourself: it really look like a computer generated image. I mean, NO HUMAN IS COMPLETELY BLACK !!! Of course, I may be wrong [wink]

Anyway, it is amazing! Who did program the whole beast? Nvidia or someone at the ORNL? (you, perhaps?)

And welcome on Gamedev!

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Nvidia only programs the drivers that run the powerwall. :) I do most of the programming and rendering on the powerwall, but we have a very talented visualization team.

One open source package that we take advantage of is called Chromium. It is a really powerful rendering middleware for clustered rendering. You can even run it on a single machine if you are interested in kidnapping the openGL state from a binary.

Basically, what it does is sets up a "fake" libGL.so that the binary will link against at runtime. The programmer then has complete control of the openGL calls and can modify or manipulate them in anyway he wishes by creating "Stream Processing Units" or SPUs.

Ever seen Doom3 run at 11520x3072? :)

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