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Yay! Done!

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Well, it's 3:15am, and my network has died again, so I may as well post here.
I finally got my site finished. I've still to write some articles, but that can wait till later in the week.
So go check it out!

I'm currrently hacking about with phpbb, trying to make an Image Of The Day forum, in a style similar to GDNet's in forum mode. So far, I've detected if the user is viewing the "Image Of The Day" forum, and if so, it displays thumbnails of the images for topic icons, and it inserts the image itself followed by a
followed by the main message.
Now I'm trying to get it to insert a "Upload Image" box, but the network has died, as I said.

Well, I hope to (will) get this done tonight. The network's just come back up, so I'll go see what I can do...

Edit: Done. Finished at 6:15am. Not too shabby.
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