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Demo with EXE Wrapper

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There is now also a native mac application. Bundled withing a disk-image which is then bundled within a zip file. Simply double click there's a linux box out there wanting to try it, pm me and I'll email you it. *Whew* That is enough native wrapping for one day...

Because some machines were still having troubles running the bat file I went ahead and programmed a full exe wrapper for windows.[3.12mb](pc native)[3.2mb] (mac native)

It should load from the exe, and then the Graphics, Music, Scripts, and prefs.ini from the local path. Let me know if this one works all you silly Windows users. I never had this much trouble from my Mac. All I do is double click on my main class and it runs. None of this nonsense [wink]

Anway, also update the look-and-feel to windows standard. Enjoy.
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