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SQL API reloaded

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Emmanuel Deloget


... I just missed my 1337th post, and this one is the 1338th.

This clicky linky contains additional informations about linux SQL servers.

I seems I said wrong things about PostgreSQL - about its speed to be more precise. The version I tested when I was younger was a v6.something (back in 1999). It was painfull to setup and was slow. But in y2k they released their v7 and they vastly improved the speed of their engine.

I guess I should check the facts instead of saying dumb things :)

So far, PostgreSQL is the DBMS I choose. I am currently creating a simple C++ wrapper over the C API - using the functions I need and only them - in order to encapsulate the libpq calls.

The encapsulation of the calls will allow me to use SQLite as a secondary API. I am not always at home (and I often program on my laptop where I don't want to install too much softwares - mostly because I often use it as a professional tool). SQLite is an easy-to-go solution to avoid the installation of another SQL server.

I am pretty sure that one of the Firefox extension/theme I installed is the cause of my copy/paste problem. If you know anything about the subject, I'll give you a cookie (or a piece of caek if you don't like cookies). Currently, I have thes installed extensions:
  • Customize Google
  • PDF Download
  • Linkification
  • downTHEMall!
  • GooglePreview
  • googlebar
  • LinkPreview
  • LinkVisitor
  • Print Preview

I find them very handy, and I'm not sure I want to remove them - so I hope that my problem don't come from one of them.

I run the Brushed theme (version (I guess that someone will begin to create version numbers with an infinite number of dots in the next few years)), and I find it clean. But I can revert back to the normal theme if it is the source of my problems.

As I think to it, I beleive it is the only difference between the firefox install on my own box and the install on this box. Oh, well, I have a couple of screenshots to do and I'll uninstall ot to see whether the problem is corrected or not.
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