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## WARNING: Fanboy alert

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So this weekend I went and saw the DOOM movie. All I can say is "Holy shit." I know it wasn't doom without the Hell aspect, and I went in with that presumption in my head, so it's not like I got let down during the movie. With that in mind, I was extremely pleased and I am going to watch it again. And probably again. And I will buy it on day one of it's DVD release. That movie fucking owned. Call me a fanboy if you will, and I don't care.

In other newsish type of news, here is the title screen for BMGTS...

You must click it if you want to big it

I know it's really busy, maybe it'll change when I'm done. I also have levels two and three finished. Two more to go.
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I am telling you that we need to go see it. Lets go, i'll pay for your ticket. (I just want an excuse to go see it again :p)

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Looking nice, Laz.

One thing though I will point is that my last name is spelled with an 's' at the end, not a 'z'[smile]

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What are you talking about, that's how I spelled it! ;)

Fixed now, sorry about that.

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