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Evil Steve


I made a tiny alteration ot my site, and I now log referers. I know Apache can do that just as well, but I wanted to do it just for the shear hillarity.
You can view the referers Here.
Also, the IOTD stuff I was yattering about can be found Here.

I managed to get 2 hours sleep this morning. I finally got to sleep at about 9am. I know there wasn't much point in going to sleep, but I was knackered and decided to try and get a couple of hours sleep.
I then went to look for a job at Curry's, Silicon Group, Maplin and PC World. Curry's is only taking on Christmas staff, Silicon wasn't taking on staff at all, Maplin were taking on any staff, and PC World are apparently recruiting and are doing interviews next week.
I got an application form for Curry's and Maplin, and I handed my CV in to PC World. If they haven't contacted me by thursday, I'll go in and chase them up / get an application form.
I think PC World is probably the best bet (Although Silicon would be preferable), then a close call between Curry's and Maplin.

Myself and two friends are aiming to move out in January, so a Christmas job wouldn't help that much. I'm not sure if the PC World job is Christmas only, or if it's permanent though. Either way, I'll go for that over Maplin.

Well, I'm going to go and veg out and then go to sleep.
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