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Nudge-Nudge, Wink-Wink...

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My apologies for keeping fairly quiet lately... I spent pretty much all of last week doing DirectX/GDNet related stuff, and consequently I've suddenly realised just how much "other" stuff I should be doing [headshake]

So, time to cut back on the fun side of things and do something else. I won't go into that stuff as, to be honest, it's boring.

One thing I found out about today is that Microsoft are hiring physics programmers to "work on the next generation Direct Physics API".

So I guess it's no secret that they're working on "DirectPhysics" or something along those lines...

Having said that, I've not seen any official announcements on the topic nor any information as to what it's all about. Your guesses on DirectPhysics is as good as mine for now [lol]
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My guess is that it's an API for physics that can take advantage of physics accelerator boards, or perhaps multithreading in pretty much the way the rest of the DirectX APIs do. Sounds interesting.

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Hmm, I hadn't thought of it being an interface to these new "PPU" jobs that are popping up. Could fit in with ATI's recent claims that the X1.00 series can be used to process physics as well as graphics...


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In one of the jobs, it does say that the person must know HLSL. Perhaps shader-based physics?

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