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Finally working

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I finally got a job. I've been searching hard for a position since the last time I posted. I'm at ALTSoftware(.com), doing work for some weeks now for their OpenGL driver.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the energy or time to dedicate on gamedev lately, or writing tutorials for my website. My online activity has been dead (everywhere not just gamedev) for that past two months. My basement is still a mess (all the drywall still has to be removed) and I need to get a new development rig setup somewhere else soon.

I just found out that today is the last day of 4e4 registrations, and I'm contemplating whether I should register, even though I have nothing yet to submit. If I do make something, I will have only my T20 to work with (which isn't really bad, but it has a weak GPU) and just 1 week development time.

update: It appears today was already too late to register anyways. I guess I'll move on to my next great project :-).

But hey, I'm earning money, and doing stuff with OpenGL. I'm happy.

BTW, Altsoftware had in the past ported a few games (like QBert) to Mac OS, which is cool even if they don't do that stuff anymore. I'd probably hate working for a big game development company anyways.
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