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This morning I added other door options, so now you can have doors that go up, down, east, west, north and south. All doors except for the open-down variety only open 95% so that you can see that there is an open door present, even if the door slides into or behind a wall. The open-down doors go down 97.5% so as to still be visible when open, but also to not make a large barrier to step over.

Tonight I made the AI more door-aware. At this point we don't have locked doors, and haven't fleshed out how the AI will deal with locked doors, so I made the AI give the 'open' command to any closed or closing doors nearby when the AI's desired velocity wants to pierce the door in the next 1.5 seconds. This makes the doors open as the AI approaches, much like the player can do by hitting the space bar, but doesn't make the doors open like an automatic door at the supermarket if the AI is just walking parallel to the door.

I also made the AI unable to see through doors, so now the AI won't be alerted if you are hiding behind a closed door. Once the AI sees you, however, it's impossible to avoid, since it can now open doors to get after you.

Here is a shot of two door types in action :
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Looking good as usual [grin]

Just to carry on from your reply in your previous entry (thought it better to post here so you'd see it...!):

Not sure what you mean by transitions. Do you mean like alpha blended particle effects, etc? If so, I definitely want to have dust, etc. There won't be too much magic in the first episode, so we probably won't have other effects on the doors.

I meant a transition from closed<->open (I suppose animation would've been a better term).

I could just picture some ancient toom/crypt that hasn't been opened in a 1000 years shaking the ground around it, lots of dust effects and so on...

I can't think of any other examples right this second... but it all stemmed from watching the Indiana Jones films too much as a kid [grin]


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