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A tale of WSE 3 versus a developer

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Been trying to learn WSE 3 stuff, was getting extremely fustrated at samples working yet my stuff not. Also with a certificate store on Windows 2000 - makecert certificates don't seem to be able to add to the "OtherPeople" repositry. Oh yeah and finding out that "Personal" actually means "My" and things like that.

Anyway this has embarassingly taking up much of my time...

- ex {"WSE910: An error happened during the processing of a response message, and you can find the error in the inner exception. You can also find the response message in the Response property."} System.Exception {Microsoft.Web.Services3.ResponseProcessingException}

+ InnerException {"Security requirements are not satisfied because the security header is not present in the incoming message."} System.Exception {System.InvalidOperationException}

Think it means that the security header is not being sent? That the user details are somehow not part of the Soap Envelope maybe? That something is actually not making the journey between the server and client?

Nah. This error means that the password did not validate. Oh yeah... that's it. After all that bitching it was the password not being validated properly.

It wasn't using Kerbos by the way, it was using UserToken stuff all the way.

*bangs head repeatedly on desk*

Is that documented anywhere? Noooooo... not as far as my searching skills could find.

I thought I would post it here, because google seems to pick up on this Journal for some reason (it has done for openal stuff I've posted that's for sure) - so maybe it might help someone else out.

On the Gamedev front, I accepted the fact that I wouldn't get my game done by the deadline probably a week or so ago, so have stopped working on it... motivation goes you know? My perfectionism got in the way... I knew that OpenAL was unstable with some sound chips, and I didn't want my game to go crashing on a judges machine so I spent tons of time investigating that. I did ask judges specs, but they weren't forthcoming... fair enough their contest... their rules!

In anycase I just cannot let myself put code out that I know to be unstable so I just concentrated on my sound stuff to the exclusion of everything else... result is that the sound stuff is stable now (and almost done)... still have the united tested business logic of one part of the game all ready for a front end... but that's it.

I think I will keep on cracking on with it anyway, I want a bigger game I can call my own - something I can show off here and on my CV.

With any luck once I have something more to show my friends locally, may be I'll entise some of them back in to development to help out on it. I won't be holding my breath though. Shame, I think development is always more fun with other decent people, no matter the level... as long as everyone respects everyone else involved!
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